Welcome to our New Wildlife Pages!

The links below do not contain list of every species present in the area around Casa Mariposa.  Instead, it is a compilation of sightings by visitors staying in our area.  These sightings occurred on the Casa Mariposa grounds or in neighboring properties, at Cloudbridge Reserve, along the Chirripó trail, and in greater the Chirripo Valley around San Gerardo.

Thanks to Beth Kinsey, Tim, Judy and Logan Phillips, John Titan, Roald Van Stijn, Peter Holmes, Bob Yukich, Brian Eubanks, Daniel Giopp, Eric Kazyak, the many Cloudbridge Volunteers, The Audubon Association of Costa Rica and “Anonymous” for the sightings and great photos!

If you have sightings from our area you would like to share and add to our website please email at contact@hotelcasamariposa.net.

A special call out to Daniel Giopp who labored hard to make all the complicated links function on these pages!




Your chance to spot some of the over 350 species in our region!



These are only some of the many fur bearing neighbors around here



Go on night hikes to search for some nocturnal animals!



Bob and Karen Yukich spent many weeks compiling these beautiful photos!